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trendings newsMp begins empowering jobless scholars.

Mp begins empowering jobless scholars.

Rangwe constituency has started an initiative of identifying jobless

higher education graduates and empowers them to access government jobs
and tenders.
The youths are those who graduated more than five years ago but have
not secured job opportunities. They graduated with degrees and
diplomas in different courses from universities and tertiary
Rangwe MP Lillian Gogo said they started with 38 jobless youths drawn
from the four wards in the constituency.
The programme dubbed Critical Thirty-Eight, the youths have been
brought together, mentored by various professionals to enable them
access jobs.
They are taught how to acquire government jobs from various media
platforms in which they are advertised. The jobs include both tender
and white collar jobs.
Speaking on Tuesday during the launch of the programme in Rangwe NGCDF
office, Gogo expressed hopes that the initiative will enable youths
who are jobless earn money.
The pioneers graduated more than five years ago.
She said such youths have been neglected in the society yet they are
also suffering due to inability to make ends meet.
“Assessment conducted in the constituency revealed that many graduates
don’t have jobs. This programme is meant to teach them how they can
access jobs,” Gogo said.
The MP said her objective is to improve lives of the youths in the
next three years.
The 38 youths identified are going to be engaged in verifying names of
pupils who should benefit from bursary whose disbursement will be done
in a few weeks.
The constituency is engaging the young men and women in verifying
names of bursary applicants.
“They are going to help us indentify deserving students to give
bursary in the constituency. Already we have sh35million to be
disbursed to support education,” Gogo said.
The MP said time had come for political leaders to empower the youth
rather than using them.
“It is important to adhere to our social contract of empowering the
youth, not using them for some ulterior motives,” she said
Graduates who have been identified hailed the programme.
Former student of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and
Technology (JKUAT) Jerim Onguru said the programme is going to
transform their lives.
He said many of them suffer due to lack of employment.
“Some of us have stayed for more than five years after graduation
before getting jobs,” Onguru said.
Celestine Awuor who graduated with bachelor in Business Management and
Administration at Zetech University said the programme is going to
transform the future lives of Rangwe residents.
“I graduated four years ago but have not got a job. The mentorship
will open my ways for success,” Awuro said.


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