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investigativeMeet John Ntoiti, a ghost worker earning hundred of thousands from Sakaja's...

Meet John Ntoiti, a ghost worker earning hundred of thousands from Sakaja’s administration after he was fired by Meru governor

John Ntoiti former Kidero point man is now back in City Hall as a ghost worker.

According to reliable  sources Ntoiti was sneaked in Cityhall by County top brass after intervention of Mount Kenya mafia with higher connections.

Ntoiti served as chief officer sub-county administration during Kidero’s time.

According to sources Ntoiti has been sneaked into  payroll without proper recruitment process with the help of county public service board which  deployed him as assistant revenue director a position that do not exist.

“He was brought by mafias who bulldozed their way to have him sneaked into  non existing position. He is a ghost worker walking in City Hall corridors in fear.” The source said.

“Ntoiti was fired by Kawira Mwangaza because of corruption and he is now back in City Hall to continue with corrupt deals that he had during Kidero’s time. We shall expose him at the correct time including forwarding his files to EACC” The source added.


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