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BREAKING NEWSMedistar Hospital Workers Struggling To Feed Their Families After Going Unpaid For...

Medistar Hospital Workers Struggling To Feed Their Families After Going Unpaid For 3 Months

A group of workers at Medistar Hospital, formerly known as Kericho Nursing Home, have gone without pay for three months, leaving them struggling to feed their families and meet their basic needs.

The employees are now calling for urgent intervention to ensure that they receive their rightful wages.

According to a source within the facility, the poor payment timelines are causing great distress to the employees.

Despite having the funds to pay their workers, the hospital management has been reluctant to release their salaries.

The workers are now wondering what they are expected to do to support their families.

“I have been working at Medistar Hospital for several years, but recently, it has it has become an uphill task trying to get paid. We have been working without pay for three months now, and it’s tough to make ends meet,” said one of the employees who wished to remain anonymous.

The workers also claim that they the management has denied them paid leave, despite applying for it multiple times.

The hospital management has allegedly been turning down their requests for leave, leaving them feeling overworked and underappreciated.

“We are not machines, we are human beings. We also need to rest and take care of our families. It is frustrating that we cannot even access our paid leave days,” said another worker.

The workers at Medistar Hospital are calling on the government to intervene and ensure that their salaries are paid, and their rights are protected.

They say the hospital management should treat them with respect and dignity.

“We are not slaves, we are employees who deserve to be treated fairly,” said one of the workers.

By the time of publishing this post, efforts to reach the hospital management for comment were unsuccessful.


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