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Man returns home after failing to get 20k after he kidnapped himself

A 22- year-old Man returns home afer failingyear-old Joseph Odhiambo who reportedly faked his kidnapping now says he did it to secure his school fees.

The form four student from Kamunda Secondary School in Awendo, Migori County is alleged to have faked his abduction before making calls to his mother demanding for Ksh20,000 ransom fee.

“Nilikua nafanya hivo ndio nipate school fees,” he claimed.

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Police reports indicate that he sent several texts to his mother claiming that his life was in danger if she failed to send the cash.

The mother however did not send the money and the man returned home wearing blood-stained clothes.

Upon return, the mother would later frog-march him to Awendo police station after admitting that his alleged kidnapping was a trick.

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