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BREAKING NEWSLesley Cherop Kibiwott fraud linked woman in court over Sh14million Fraud

Lesley Cherop Kibiwott fraud linked woman in court over Sh14million Fraud

According to the Kenyan Mirror, a  woman has been arraigned at a Kibera court where she was to take plea in Sh14million Fraud case.

Lesley Cherop Kibiwott was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi where the matter was called for plea taking.

She however did not take plea after her lawyer informed the court that she was trying to settle the saud fraud case with the complainant.

Already her husband Peter Brian Okwiri has taken plea in the case and was released on bond.

According to the chargesheet that is within the court papers , she is said to have together with Brillace
Outcare Limited defrauded Catherine Namrembe a sum of Sh14million contrary to the penal code.

She is linked with the second count of stealing the said amount where she is said to have colluded with his husband Peter Brian Okwiri.

She was to be charged with another count of possesing a range Rover KDA 167J suspect to have resulted from the proceeds of crime.

She will take plea if she fail to sort the matter out of court before the next court session.


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