KURA DG’s Mistress causes havoc at the urgency after she Misses a Roads Deal

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) Director General’s Mistress is on the spotlight for influencing tenders in the government parastatal over a deal gone sour.

The KURA Director General Silas Kinoti’s mistress who works as a clerical officer in the authority was incensed after a tender was awarded not in her favour.

The DG’s mistress Judy Mose is said to have threatened to revenge after a roads tender in which she had a direct interest was awarded to a different contractor despite the fact that the Director-General had assured her of the tender.
A furious Mose has sworn to teach the Acting Director, Urban Roads Planning and Design Engineer Jacinta Mwangi for frustrating her efforts of landing the deal.

Mwangi is not happy with Mose’s tricks in the multibillion roads agency whose mandate is the management, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of national urban trunk roads.
The Acting DG has been insisting that public procurement laws must be followed to the latter as she sealed loopholes used as corruption.

Trouble started when the authority floated tender number KURA/RMLF/CE/056/2020-2021 for the Periodic Maintenance of Lot 7 Roads Nanyuki/Sweet Waters Road /Ngoro/ Theru/ Nanyuki Road in Nanyuki Municipality worth KShs 14.2 million.
The tender was awarded to a contractor by the name Kaboi Building Contractors Ltd on October 12, 2020, to the disappointment of Judy, who immediately stormed the Director-General Engineer Silas Kinoti’s office to protest.

A tweet by prominent and controversial lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who has a twitter following of 2 million followers raised the alarm and attracted attention on the influence that the junior officer at the authority has courtesy of her alleged love relationship with the DG.
Kenyans went viral with Ahmdnasir;s tweet and challenged the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) to take necessary action at the KURA headquarters
Kenyans on Twitter have exposed KURA DG Mistress who influences Tenders and has been having an affair with the KURA DG who is under the heavy spotlight for trying to extend his term illegally. A Viral Tweet by Lawyer Ahmednasir ignited the debate that has been trending on Twitter for two days now as Kenyans turn the heat on DCI and EACC, demanding immediate action on the scandals.

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