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Life styleKenyatta Supported Raila, But He Didn’t Control The System, It Was Captured...

Kenyatta Supported Raila, But He Didn’t Control The System, It Was Captured By President Ruto – Makau Mutua

 Azimio La Umoja One Kenya spokesperson Makau Mutua has revealed why retired President Uhuru Kenyatta support towards the coalition’s leader Raila Odinga’s presidential bid flopped during last year’s general election.

Mutua explained that the ‘system’ was not in one accord with Kenyatta to propel Odinga to State House in the 2022 general election.

Few months to the polls, the Azimio coalition spokesperson narrated that President Kenyatta was betrayed by people he thought would assist him fix his preferred successor to power.

“Mr Kenyatta was betrayed by so many people around him. Although Kenyatta supported Odinga candidacy, I would say he didn’t have the machinery of the system,” he said.

The seasoned lawyer opined that the political spilt between retired President Kenyatta and his deputy then William Ruto left Kenyatta an injured man.

He stated that the political wrangles between retired President Kenyatta and President Ruto month before the 2022 polls soiled Odinga’s chances of victory.

“I think what we know now is that Mr Ruto really superintended and controlled the biggest chunk of the state and most lethal elements of the state,” Mutua said.

Mutua mentioned that the mere fact that the former prime minister failed to ‘capture’ the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission as well as the Supreme Court drew back his chances of victory.

He said that President Ruto might have outwitted Odinga through capturing the electoral agency despite the Cherera four rooting for the latter in the push and pull within the poll body.


“The machinery of IEBC and its infrastructure was in the hands of Mr Ruto and I think the actual powers that be within the IEBC and other fractions of the state were able to compromise the election,” the Azimio Spokesperson said.

link source:https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2023/02/kenyatta-supported-raila-but-he-didnt-control-the-system-it-was-captured-by-president-ruto-makau-mutua/


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