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crimeIntegrity question emerges as two developers continue with illegal works despite NEMA...

Integrity question emerges as two developers continue with illegal works despite NEMA visit


Officials from NEMA, NCA, and City hall among others are entitled to make sure only safe and well-approved buildings are allowed to be constructed to completion.

This according to City experts, Engineers and Environmentalists is the only way of saving lives and conserving the environment respectively.

Ironically the investigations carried out recently show the contrary.  Parklands and Kileleshwa areas are just two good examples where the state officers in these sectors have failed in totality.

For instance, on Wednesday, some NEMA officials visited and inspected two sites in Parklands where illegal constructions are ongoing, both developers continued with the illegal works immediately after the visit hence raising integrity questions whether NEMA, NCA, and City hall officials are compromised or corrupt.

According to our investigations, The illegal construction works especially in Parklands are going on in Plots number 209/5665/2 of Mwambao lane and plot number 209/7549 of Taza lane, and in both plots, no construction approval and legal procedures were followed before the project commenced. To add salt to the wound, the engineers in both sites are not well known and there are fears that the Taza lane plots will soon come down.

Along the Mwambao road, it’s ironic that the NCA order that stopped the constructions has been ignored and nothing has been done. The developer has been constructing the said illegal structures both day and night as residents continues to call for justice and action.

The other issue of concern that has caused alarm among the residents is the lack of a proper sewer line. Both developer do not have one. what they have is money to bribe government officials, to bribe and perpetrate their ignorance.

” The use  threats and intimidation, they ignore court orders and they have on some various occasions they have bribed some government officials entitled to bring sanity to the construction industry, we need to recheck into the matter,” said one of the resident.

In A letter dated January 16 and signed by Silas Ogengo executive director registrar of contractors said they suspended construction work after inspection. It was addressed to the developer contractor, the National Construction Authority.

“The work has been found to be non-compliant and is hereby suspended with immediate effect,” the letter in parts.

The above order however remains just in the paper as no implementation has been made. Experts want the government to act on time to prevent catastrophe.

According to our investigations, NEMA was aware of the developments to the fact that it was able to send its officers to the ground.

“Yes the officers came to the ground on Wednesday that was very good, however  the developers continued with  their work immediately. They constructed throughout the night. We suspect they were bribed or compromised,” said an agitated resident.

In another letter dated January 13 and addressed to the county committee member Build Environment and Urban planting Nairobi County, residents have objected to the ongoing work the CEC for Environment and Urban Planting is yet to act.

Stephen Mwangi, Nairobi CEC for Built Environment and Urban Planning has received the above letter and is yet to visit the site and comment on the same.

In the TAZA lane illegal structures, we are aware the Harambee Sacco member’s land is at the center of the scam.

Recently EACC gave a go-ahead for the investigations into the matter and the probe is ongoing.

Preliminary investigations show that the land was never sold and no transfer was done.




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