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NEWSI shared the proceed of crime with officials, Harambee Sacco committee member...

I shared the proceed of crime with officials, Harambee Sacco committee member say

An agitated member of Harambee Sacco has come out to reveal the rots, corruption and bribery that has led to the embezzlement of members funds and properties.

In one on one with a section of the local media platforms QR said that he will be quitting the committee alongside others and Said that he is ready to shed light with the detectives if things get to the wire.
” It’s true I received a call from a detective who wanted to know about the sale of members property, I said what I could but today things are getting in a wrong direction, it’s true Iam also a beneficiary of the said loot in one way or another but I feel like I put a big fullstop on this rot,” he said.

Iam talking here on behalf of my colleagues who are also plotting to quit, you know the chair had been on the helm of the Sacco since 1990,s, what goes on in our sacco is just chaotic,” he added.

He blames the Sacco’s chairman whom he termed as a corrupt man who needs to be uprooted from the helm of the sacco.

” Dear members I and others will be quitting in our next AGM and it’s upon to you to decide whether to continue with this leadership or you advocate for new leadership,” he said.

This comes barely after some revelations hit some local news website about members Sh256million that is believed to have been sold in secret by the officials


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