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crimeHow City hall, Authorities have ignored the law and exposed Kileleshwa,...

How City hall, Authorities have ignored the law and exposed Kileleshwa, Parklands and city residents to illegal constructions putting lives at stake

Not even  petitions and countless court cases involving illegal constructions, land grabbing and unauthorised development can lead to normalcy in Parkland’s Taza Lane, Mwambao Lane and Kileleshwa

Last week the Nairobi City County Regularization of Unauthorised Developments Bill was approved by the Nairobi City County Executive Committee (CEC) in a meeting chaired by Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Speaking during the meeting Sakaja said the move will provide a framework for enforcement action against developments that do not comply with the provisions.

“This will ensure the provision of basic facilities and infrastructure to the residents of the concerned areas within Nairobi County. The Bill will bring order in the built environment through the sensitisation of developers on the importance of seeking development permission prior to construction,” he said.

The move comes as Nairobi City County, especially the eastern part of the city, has recently been characterised by the construction of buildings whose developers did not apply for or receive development approval from NCCG.

Some of the buildings have poor ventilation and lighting, as well as poor waste disposal. Some have encroached on wayleaves and easements, while others are built on ecologically fragile land like riparian reserves or abandoned quarries that make habitation unsafe.

“It will also help in the creation of a database of all unauthorised developments and therefore establish the level of safety of the built environment within the county,” he added.

Ironically, the Bill comes after residents of Kileleshwa, Parklands and South C Wards persistently cry fowl over illegal structures endangering neighborhood.

Efforts to reach the various authorities in the county turn futile with the officers turning deaf ears on the matters.

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Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai on April 12th led his residents of his ward to protest against consistent abuse of power by officers in the urban development and physical planning.

On a follow up story by Hot News Publications, the developer of plot number LR 209/7549, Ameey Homes Construction director Yusuf Asker operates with fake documents boasting of protection from City Hall.

Yusuf told Hot News that he sponsored Governor Sakaja’s campaign and is ensured of his protection.

Baitul Hikma International Integrated Group of Schools has been operating from House No. J on 209/7547 Taza Lane from January 2023 and the last couple of days, construction work to expand the school has been going on without a signboard with information regarding the developer, owner, architects,engineers, contractors among other relevant information.

“We therefore can’t tell whether the development is approved by the County Government, NEMA and National Construction Authority. We all know there’s no existing Nairobi County Water and Sewerage Company, sewer line in our area. Construction work has interfered with the private sewer line of the adjoining houses and also the septic tank. The activities are going on at night and even on Sundays. We have lodged complaints with the relevant agencies and have been encouraged to do civil arrest of the developer, the manager or site supervisor. We should also block vehicles bringing construction materials,” Taza Lane residents told Hot News.


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