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investigativeHeads To Roll At City Hall Fleet Department

Heads To Roll At City Hall Fleet Department

Barely 24 hours after we exposed cartels at City Hall in our previous publication “How Top City Hall Official Violated Procurement Laws To Mint Millions”, Nairobi City County Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri called for an urgent meeting with fleet management to discuss the matter.

Top on the agenda was the payment of Sh65,015,000 incurred on fuel, oil, and lubricants.

Present in the meeting was the embattled acting County Secretary Jirus Musumba, and Deputy Director in charge of fleet management James Osodo, among others.

Sources who attended the meeting revealed that the DG dressed down Osodo over claims of corruption in the department where even vehicles belonging to individuals are fueled by the county through a cartel of Osodo, Ochieng and Ukoo Mwangi.

After the meeting, sources divulged that heads are set to roll with the duo of Osodo, Ochieng and Ukoo set to be transferred to other departments with the DG promising to bring on board a new team.

It was the DG himself who posted onhis Facebook page that he held a meeting with fleet management.

Drivers at city hall are known to work under very difficult situations and mistreatment by Ochieng.

Getting fuel is a problem and Ochieng is known to maniopulate records of fuel consumption.

Drivers claim that when you pump fuel worth Sh5,000, in the records, it is recorded at Sh7,000.

The Sh2,000 difference is reportedly shared among Ochieng, Osodo, and Ukoo.



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