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educationHamisi Wawire tops current Authors as Ngugi Wa Thiong'o gradually calling it...

Hamisi Wawire tops current Authors as Ngugi Wa Thiong’o gradually calling it a day

Contemporary Literature is gaining momentum in Kenya. In what looks more promising than before is that many novelists, playwrights, poets and essayists have come up to address pertinent issues in society. Their works do not only communicate these issues but also entertain.
One of such contemporary novelist is Hamisi Wawire popularly called The Okutaywa Intestines. His works are unique in the manner in which he objectively addresses issues and uses language. Hamisi will make you believe that language is just like wet clay that can be used to model anything. He has domesticated the English language and when he tells his story, all your senses will be alert to get the best out of it.
In his first novel Time will Tell, he addresses the need to be patient and committed and argues that the means should justify the end. He shares the uniqueness in every individual and the need for each and every person to exploit his potential. Time will Tell makes one to develop self realization, belief and appreciation for as it has always been said, “You can’t go anywhere if you don’t know where you’re coming from. “
Declare your Interest as the title suggests makes it obvious that we must always say and go for what we want. If you want to become a doctor, say and work for it. In the story, the main protagonist, Fazul, suffers a great deal when he fails to make his intentions known to Madam Fatim.
In his epic and latest story, The Hot Chalice, the under siege marriage institution is fully addressed. Here, he asks, “Should we involve children in our marriage squabbles? Does it help them grow up appreciating both parents or it results into a fixation that later spoils them? In attempt to put the society on the right track, Hamisi carries out an in-depth analysis of family issues through his wonderfully blended characters such as Mwekezi, Injendi, Oluoch among others. At the end of this lovely story, one definitely feels encouraged and corrected.
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Hamisi Wawire’s stories have no boundaries; whether penned down or written on Facebook pages Hamisi Wawire and The Okutaywa Intestines. They are stories that can be read by an entire family, a congregation and even somebody who has taken one for the road. If you are too looking for a class reader, do not look far. Literature is alive .


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