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trendings newsGoons posing as protesters destroy the multi-million ultra-modern funeral home,Nyong'o

Goons posing as protesters destroy the multi-million ultra-modern funeral home,Nyong’o

The Sh 37 million parlour, christened Kwee Funeral Home has been vandalised by unknown people in Kisumu.

The Funeral Home was launched by Kisumu Governor Anyany Nyong’o on Wednesday at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

A section of youths stormed the place, breaking the gates before accessing the Funeral Home where they destroyed everything that was inside.

The flower vace were broken, machines desks and even seats amongst others.

Nyong’o condemed the destruction of the multi-million ultra-modern funeral home .

He said the goons posing as protesters, this broke down the gate damaged and looted expensive mourge equipment which he commissioned last week.

He described the attack on the new funeral home- the first of its kind in Nyanza as barbaric.

“The Governor wondered why the police did not protect the facility from the gang which also carted away, computers and other valuable equipment”.

He asked the police to hunt and arrest the criminals.

The parlour is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Emory University Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (Champs) project.


The county government financed construction of the building with Sh13 million, with the Kenya Champs site, CDC Kenya and Emory University equipping the facility for Sh24 million.


The parlour comes complete with modern 24-body refrigeration units, indoor body trolley with tray, an outdoor body trolley with tray and cover, post mortem table, sample safe, embalming table, autopsy set, and hydraulic body lift.




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