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crimeForensic experts visit Chiloba"s house in Eldoret, burial moved to Tuesday 

Forensic experts visit Chiloba”s house in Eldoret, burial moved to Tuesday 

Forensic experts from the DCI homicide department have visited the house where slain LGBTQ activist Edwin Kiprotich kiptoo alias Chiloba lived in Eldoret.

The house numbered B11 is located at Noble Breeze apartments along the road to Iten.

It’s suspected that Chiloba was killed at the house before his body was found dumped at Hurlingham village near Kipkaren on January 3rd.

The detectives camped at the house for more than two houses and also talked to several witnesses including a caretaker at the apartments.

They were armed with cameras and other equipment which they used to dust the house as part of investigations into Chiloba’s murder.

Later the detectives visited the area where the body was dumped and also spent time at the car suspected to have been used to dump the body.

The car is detaimed at the Langas police station.

The family through Chiloba’s cousin Gladys Chiri also confirmed that he would be buried at their home on Tuesday next week.

The home.is located at Sergoit village in Elgeyo Marakwet County.

“We are now set for the burial which has been moved to Tuesday next wee”, Chiri said.

On Wednesday a autopsy on the body revealed that Chiloba died of blockage of the mouth and the nose which caused him to lack oxygen.

Chief government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor said he died of smothering which is the shortage of the oxygen.

Dr Oduor said he foubd that the body was dicomposed but during the exercise they discovered pieces of clothes and socks stuffed in the mouth.

Dr Oduor said they found three pairs stuffed in mouth of the deceased.

He said at the time of death the deceaed was not getting enough oxygen in his brain which was swollen

Some injuries were also found in the mouth

Oduor spoke at the Moi Referral Hospital after an exercise that took more than three hours

He was with CEO of the hospital Dr Wilson Aruasa.

Dr Oduor said they had taken samples from the body for further testing at the government chemist’s.


They require counselling because they are going through difficult time following the death of Chiloba


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