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trendings newsFloods destroys business in Kisii

Floods destroys business in Kisii

Flash floods triggered by heavy downpours lashed into business and residential premises in central Kisii Thursday evening washing away property of unknown value.

Several cars were seen submerged in some parking lots of popular eating joints set up along river banks.

At Diploz, for instance, the revelers waded through swelling waters to salvage whatever they could from their vehicles.

Others, after one too many, staggered out of the pub into the tamarc as river Nyakomissro broke its banks.

The rains appear to had persisted much of this week washing away crops in the villages .

There had been reports of drownings too with three bodies recovered from the river in Masaba South .

In some areas, rickety wooden bridges were washed down.

On Thursday, the floods impacted on dozens of traders selling at Daraja Mbili market in Kisii as it rained Thursday.

“” I have lost alll my tomatoes, they were washed into the river after i had covered them to take shelter, “said Kerubo Mosiri.

John Nyanchama said he lost clothes worth thousands of shillings to the floods.

” They cost me around Sh 15,000,”he told the Star by phone.

John Getuma, a mechanic, said two old cars he was mending were washed down not far from the busy market. .

By 9 pm the sky was still leaking in torrents causing destruction.

More to follow

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