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NEWSExposed: This is how Co-operative bank defraud it's members cash, action needed

Exposed: This is how Co-operative bank defraud it’s members cash, action needed

Kenyans Expose how Co-operative Bank Mints their Customers’ Money

Co-operative Bank,Despite all Kenyan banks buying messages in bulk at around Ksh. 0.8 for sending alerts to their account holders,Co-operative bank has gone ahead to put additional costs on their customers, sending an alert for Ksh. 45 per text, money directly deducted from the customer’s account by default. For every account holder banking online.

Angry customers are now airing their frustrations and calling out the financial institution that has been bagged with a number of complaints of poor service and negligence from its customers.

A compilation list showing all sms charges by Kenyan banks confirms Cooperative charges are the highest at Sh. 42, and KCB, Standard Chartered, 1&M, Equity, NCPBA, and Stanbic Banks have no charges.

It is not on the alerts that Kenyans have noticed abnormal charges, today, buying airtime from Safaricom through a Co-operative Bank account costs Sh. 10.

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