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investigativeEXPOSED: Kamau Watoria linked to defamatory posts, extortion and bribery

EXPOSED: Kamau Watoria linked to defamatory posts, extortion and bribery

Close and verified  sources have now  identify  a malicious Facebook blogger who is alledged to be behind a racket of blackmails and extortion and now calling on the authority to act.

The individual is said to have  been using his influence on social media to blackmail individuals seeking to bend them for monetary and selfish gains causing harm and pain to the character of the individuals mentioned or who appear on his social media handles.

After months of investigations it has now been confirmed that Kamau Wa Watoria has overseen alot of defamatory posts which he uses to extort.

He has been using his Facebook page   under the acronym Kamau Watoria and  also has a Telegram channel has been revealed. He displays nude images on them .

It is said to be a group of three individuals masquerading to be an individual.

The leader whose picture appears above, Kamau Watoria has been cunny and has caused Kenyans especially from Mount Kenya region sleepless nights as he goes amorous seeking monetary and selfish, personal gains.

Watoria has gained notoriety for blackmailing popular Kikuyu artists, Chief Executive Officers from land buying/selling companies among other popular business men from the Mt Kenya region.

Watoria is a deeply arrogant and foul-mouthed individual who believes nothing can be done to him.

Watoria is nothing less than a criminal who should be rotting behind bars for contravening the Cyber security laws (2015), but instead is using his connections to continue to swindle innocent Kenyans.

Authorities must bring an end to this criminal’s reign of deception and fraud.

This month alone, multiple separate incidents have been reported, including a featuring gospel artistes and other celebrities on his page.

It is imperative that we do not allow thugs like Watoria to keep getting away with such heinous crimes.
The victims of this scam deserve justice and it is our duty as a responsible media outlet to ensure that their voices are heard.This blog will be closely following this story, providing updates to our readers until its conclusion.We cannot stand idly by while criminals like Kamau Watoria continue to prey on innocent victims.It is time for him to be held accountable for his actions.


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