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BREAKING NEWSEXPOSED: Fresh reports implicate Chinese-Kenyan businessman Zakariya Kamal in Lamu attack by...

EXPOSED: Fresh reports implicate Chinese-Kenyan businessman Zakariya Kamal in Lamu attack by Al Shabaab

Fresh reports within the media corridors implicate Zakariya Kamal Sufi Abashiek, a wealthy businessman with dual Kenyan and Chinese citizenship, in last year’s attack by Al Shabaab on the Kwa Omollo Bridge Construction site in Lamu.

The attack, which took place on March 11, 2022, claimed the lives of four Kenyan civilians and one Chinese contractor and destroyed a tipper truck and other equipment.

According to the reports, Zakariya Kamal supplied Al Shabaab with Chinese-made drones, which the terrorists used to carry out the raid and record the footage.

The medium-altitude long-endurance combat drones that can carry up to 345 kg of payload and fly for up to 40 hours.

The reports also allege that Zakariya Kamal provided the terrorists with training and technical support on how to operate and maintain the drones.

The reports further claim that Zakariya Kamal initially obtained the drones from China and delivered some of them to the Kenyan government under a tender worth Ksh.2 billion, which was issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

However, Zakariya Kamal he diverted some of the drones to Al Shabaab using his network of smugglers and intermediaries.

He also reportedly received payments from the terrorists for his services.

These reports have linked Zakariya Kamal to the video released by Al Shabaab on September 14th 2023, which showed the terrorists killing unarmed innocent civilians in Lamu LAPSSET program.

In the video’s background, drones could be heard flying over the site.

The reports raise serious questions about Zakariya Kamal’s motives and his connections to the powers above.

How did he manage to evade the authorities and continue his illegal activities?

Who are his accomplices and protectors in the government and the security agencies?

And where is he now?

Zakariya Kamal is synonymous with terrorism.

In June 2023, he was arrested and charged with several offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, including belonging to a terrorist group and providing property for the commission of terrorist acts.

He was accused of buying an assortment of military equipment from China, which he then shipped to Mogadishu in three containers.

The equipment included rifle scopes, material rolls for making military uniforms, portable and foldable solar panels, military-grade walkie talkies and camouflage suits, night vision goggles, voice recording pens, spy watches, spy glasses, swimming goggles, flashlights and batteries, and military-grade helmets.

One of the containers was intercepted by the Somali authorities at the port of entry, while the other two are believed to have reached their destination and are being used by Al Shabaab.

Zakariya Kamal was arraigned before Senior Shanzu Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda, who ordered him to be remanded in police custody for further investigations.

However, in July 2023, he was released on Ksh.1 million bond, after spending only one month behind bars.

His release sparked outrage and suspicion, as many wondered how a man who was accused of such serious crimes could be granted bail so easily.

Many suspected that Zakariya Kamal had used his money and influence to bribe his way out of jail.

Zakariya Kamal was born in Kenya, but spent most of his childhood and youth in China, where he studied engineering and business.

He returned to Kenya in 2020, and established a company which claimed to deal in import and export of various goods.

However, behind this facade, Zakariya Kamal was actually involved in a sinister scheme to arm the Al Shabaab militants, who have for long waged a bloody war against the Somali government and its allies, including Kenya.

We will continue to follow this story and update our readers as more information becomes available.


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