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NEWSEmbattled Kisii County Public service board officials seek answers on break-in into...

Embattled Kisii County Public service board officials seek answers on break-in into offices

Senior Governor Arati officers cited in the invasion where office equipment were carted away

Kisii County Public Service Board officials have written to County Governor Simba Arati seeking answers in regards to a break-in into their offices last week.

Board chair Nancy Nyamwange, in a letter Tuesday to the County boss, also reported vandalism and theft of office equipment during the raid.

Among equipment seized were office computers, printers, television sets, folders and office files the board officials use in their daily office operations.

Nyamwange says some personal property for the board members were carted away by certain staff allied to the county administration.

“It is with concern that we bring to your attention that some County government officials were seen conducting the break-in and took property meant for the board’s operations from the premise ,” stated part of the letter.

Nyamwange described the raid as one among the many incidents posing a significant threat on the board officials, and coming at a time when some forces in the County were working to hound them out of the job.

Those cited as present during the invasion, according to the letter, are the executive, administration Daniel Ondabu, governor chief of Staff Junior Otucho and Chief officer administration Vincent Nyangwara.

Others are officers Edwin Atege, Hassan Momanyi and Donald Ongori.

“The purpose of writing this letter is to request your office to facilitate the return of the office items carried away and also restore order so that this office runs normally,”said Nyamwange in her letter.

The invasion took place on April, 25 th, 2023 in the evening hours.

Nyamwange , in the letter, also copied to various security agencies, reminded the governor that the creation of the County Public Service Board was not an after thought of some politician but an independent office with its seal capable of suing and sued in the corporate name.

She said the board is mandated to act independent without being swayed by any other person or authority.

Nyamwange wants the governor to order the same officers who ransacked the office to re-open it after they replaced the the padlock.

The raid on the board offices came days apart after the County Assembly voted to kick the officials out over irregular recruitment of staff.

The Labour Court in Kisumu has since thwarted they removal calling for judicial review of terms calling for their removal from office.


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