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NEWSEleven-year-old girl in the Shakahola massacre had signs of being strangled, Pathologists

Eleven-year-old girl in the Shakahola massacre had signs of being strangled, Pathologists

Pathologists doing autopsy for the 110 bodies retrieved from Shakahola horrific forest on Tuesday did 30 postmortems and 27 DNAs for families looking for their relatives who joined the controversial pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie.

This brings the total number of postmortems to 40 since the exercise being conducted by the pathologists, DCI, Homicide Unit Detectives, government Chemist officials, and forensic experts started on Monday.

Government Chief pathologist Johansen Oduor while giving the daily briefing at the Malindi Sub County Hospital Mortuary where the exercise is being carried out said the process went fast because they started very early in the morning as opposed to the first day when they had some hitches.

“So, with that we were able to do about 30 postmortems and I will read for you the statistics for the postmortems, “he said.

Oduor said of the 30 postmortem eight were male while 22 were female adding that there were 15 adults and 9 children.

He said there were six adult persons who were lying between male and female but could not be recognized because of the level of decomposition and skeletonization.

The pathologist said most of the bodies were badly decomposed with an exception of a few which were moderately decomposed.

On the cause of death, Oduor said they established that most of them died because of starvation.

“Twenty of the autopsies we did had features of starvation, there were six in which we were unable to ascertain the cause of death because of the level of decompositions so it was very difficult for us to ascertain what caused their deaths because they were very badly decomposed,” he said.

He said one of them a child had a trauma of the head while three of them had asphyxiation a sign that they were denied oxygen

Out of the three, he said they could see clearly that one had marks on the neck of someone who had been strangled with breaking od some muscles, and some bones in the neck.

“So, we are very certain that this person who was a child also was actually strangulated,” he said.

Oduor said two others had undergone smothering which is a process whereby someone blocks a person’s nose and mouth so that he or she is unable to breathe until death.

He said there were relatives who came to be taken DNA and they managed to take 27 DNAs so as to reconcile with the DNA they take from the deceased and help in identifying their relatives who died.

The pathologist said the one who was strangled was a female aged around 11 years while the two who were smothered were adults, a male and a female.

He said since they managed to do 30 postmortems, they expect to do the same number on Wednesday and complete the postmortem by Thursday.

“By Thursday we might be able to do what we are doing here so that we move back to the scene when things are good, we resume the exhumation process,” he said.

Asked about the concern raised by human rights organizations for being denied access in the process he said they are not needed there as they could be traumatized


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