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NEWSEastern- Catholic MPS condemn the Shakahola Massacre blaming church leaders for being...

Eastern- Catholic MPS condemn the Shakahola Massacre blaming church leaders for being quiet

A troop of 14 Catholic MPs who belong to the Catholic Doctrine have condemned the Shakahola tales that have been ongoing for the last two weeks now.

The cult has left over 100 victims of fast to death with two pastors being nabbed by police.

Speaking at Kiio Parish in Mwingi west,Ford Kenya Secretary General Joh Chikati has said the church must stand up and condemn what has is being witnessed in the country.

” We’ve not heard the voice of the church regarding the shakahola massacre,” he said.

He said there’s need of a commission of enquiry to unearth what went on in Shakahola leading to the death of all the victims.

“Was it slavery ?how were people dying beyond hunger?” He posed.

“As Catholic mps, we need the answer through a commission of enquiry,” he added.

He also questioned why is the media being barred from the scene of crime year they were among the whistle blowers.

“Where were the police, who was the chief who gave burial permit?”

Irene Rene, nominated MP, said the church should have regulations, and let children go to church early, as the corruption begins early.

Lari MP, Mbitu Kahangara,said the matter has been taken up by the parliament to unearth the truth.

“Do not wake up one day and say you are a pastor, it’s a process,” he said.

He also seconded that churches should be regulated to avoid such disasters of.losing lives following cruel radicalization.

MP Peter Kaluma said the Catholic mps are spearheading the anti LGBTQ law.

“The church has failed, it should be protected from ‘matapeli’ using the name of the church to sway believers to the wrong direction.

“They are calling themselves funny name like mighty, having undergone no trainings , that must be regulated

Kaluma said he’ll sponsor a motion on the floor of the assembly to regulate churches.

The host MP, Charles Nguna said he backs Kaluma’s motion adding all illegal churches must be closed down.

Kitui women Rep, Irene Kasalu said it is the zeal of the people to love God that’s why they are being taken advantage of thus being misled.

“As the church condemned LGBTQ, let it also condemn the shakahola massacre,” she said

“There should be legislation to Governor our churches,she added.

She also wondered how one could fast to death, stating the pastor should have led by example

Makali Mulu of Kitui central said there’s nowhere in the bible where Christians were told to kill each other.

“Let’s stick to the faith and take care of your children and the faith they are being taught ,” he added.

He also said the women are also at stake, stating they ought to be on the onlook out.

“The country is short of strictness of law,” he said.

“Christians must come together and ensure this is completely stopped,” he further noted.



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