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BREAKING NEWSDiesel Cartel Limited and Eliud Chai/A Chandoor Auctioneers accused of being the...

Diesel Cartel Limited and Eliud Chai/A Chandoor Auctioneers accused of being the hired goons that destroyed city tycoons property worth billions

A city tycoon who lost property worth Sh3billion after rogue auctioneer and agents of Diesel Cartel limited used goons to invade his parcel of land and torched properties in the watchful eyes of the police will be taken legal action against the auctioneers and their agents.
This happened even after the tycoon had in his possession a court order that directed that the status quo of the property to be maintained.
Megvel Cartoons Limited and Joseph Odero had gotten an order that safeguarded their parcel of land from being auctioned by the rogue auctioneer.
The invasion is believed to have been orchestrated by Diesel Cartel Limited and Eliud Chai/A Chandoor Auctioneers despite an existing court orders that had ordered the status quo of the land to remain.
The goons invaded his carton making factory, destroyed part of the machinery and set ablaze a section of the factory on Tuesday 14.
His lawyer while while responding on the same said that court never gave a go ahead for the structures to be destroyed.
“The court never directed that the property to be destroyed, over 700 people are now unemployed, the police are working with the goons instead of helping the innocent Kenyans, we don’t know what the investors can do,” he said.
In the previous court cases, lawyer Miller Wanjala Bwire on behalf of the tycoon had raised several grounds in which he felt the tycoons’ rights were violated.
Bwire had told the court that an order restricting the invasion and attempted eviction of the respondent from the said parcel of land had been issued on June 27 by the same court.
The court heard that after the respondent learned on the court developments, the same respondents went to Machakos Magistrate court to file an application seeking the eviction of the applicants from the the said parcel of land and used dubious means where the court granted them an order.
“Basing on the fraud they filed at the Machakos magistrate’s court, the order of eviction was granted by the court directed that no destruction of property was to be witnessed. The respondent went ahead and invaded the said parcel with goons and bulldozers and demolished part of the buildings, burned down a go down and looted property worth Sh 3billion.” Bwire told the court.
The court heard that the destruction of property was done contrary to the order issued on June 27 and extended on July 27 and the fifth respondents and its directors were aware of the same.


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