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NEWSDegree holder primary teachers decry neglect in Junior Secondary School tutor recruitment 

Degree holder primary teachers decry neglect in Junior Secondary School tutor recruitment 

Primary teachers with degrees on Friday accused the government of bypassing them in the recruitment for Junior Secondary School tutors.

Also given a wide berth in the recent recruitment. are teachers with diplomas

Those who spoke with the Star on condition of anonymity faulted the ministry of education for leaving them.

“We had thought that we would get there as a promotion because we have done degrees and we even have the requisite experience that should have come in hand in handling these students,” said a teacher who wanted to be identified only as Lydia.

The government has already recruited more than 30,000 teachers, a batch of who would help in handle Junior Secondary students across the country.

Already the schools have received at least two teachers to handle the more than 13 units at the junior secondary schools.

Some head teachers say the workload is likely to be more than they can handle..

In select schools like Kari Primary in Kisii the head teacher says he would deploy additional teachers from the stock of those with degrees to assist.

The school has ten teachers witu degree, others with masters. .

Others have diploma certificates.

The scenario is in hundreds of other schools across the country.

Mwalimu Lydia said even their unions have failed to see the sense in fighting for the teachers promotions.

“I have not heard them speaking about this injustice, had they done so we could have been given the first priority,” she lamented.

John who teaches in Bobasi describes the non promotion of the teachers as a cardinal oversight among the planners.

“Such decisions give birth to low morale in the service. We ask the CS Ezekiel Machogu to work this out for us,” he told the Star.


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