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BREAKING NEWSCRIME / FRAUD ALERT: How Corrupt, Rogue and Dangerous Mohamed...

CRIME / FRAUD ALERT: How Corrupt, Rogue and Dangerous Mohamed Zeshan Saroya made millions and the story of Sh9M Fraud

The name Zeshan Saroya may be new to few Kenyans who are not lovers of social media, watching news and reading online articles.

However, this name if famous when it comes to matters related to fraud, corruption and theft of millions.

To support our claims, Saroya has a new Fraud Case at a Milimani courts Magistrate and he has been charged.

He has a company and he is also a director of his own company.

The court papers in our possession shows that he is accused of obtaining credit by false presence has been arraigned in court.

Mohamed Zeshan Saroya appeared before magistrate Lucas Onyina of Milimani Law Courts, and the court was informed that they are in the process of solving the matter out of court.

The intended charge sheet reads that Zeshan and his company Zan Steel Limited, between October 2021 and November 11, 2021, at Masai Rolling Mills Limited, with intent to defraud, obtained credit amounting to Sh 9,542,693 from the said Masai Rolling Mills Limited by falsely pretending that he was in a position to pay assorted steel, knowing it was untrue.

In the second count, Zeshan is said to have issued a bad cheque against the law; it is said that on similar dates and places, he issued a cheque worth Sh 560,172 in favor of Masai Rolling Mills Limited with the knowledge that Zan Steel Limited had insufficient funds.

He is intended to be charged with several other counts of issuing bad checks against the law.

In addition, Zeshan was also charged at Mavoko Law Courts on February 21, with obtaining Sh161 million by defrauding yet another company.

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He faces two charges; obtaining credit by pretenses contrary to Section 316(a) of the penal code and issuing a bad cheque.

The suspect surrendered a motor vehicle logbook to secure his release.

He faces two charges: obtaining credit by pretenses contrary to Section 316(a) of the penal code and issuing a bad check. According to court documents, Mohamed Zeshan Saroya, on diverse dates between March 2021 and May 2022, at Athi River Steel Plant Limited in Athi River within Machakos, obtained credit amounting to Sh161,022,020.64 from the said Athi River Steel Plant Ltd. by falsely pretending that he was in a position to pay for assorted steel and thereafter presented a bouncing cheque.

The prosecution told the court that the suspect was a serial obtainer with similar pending cases across the country, including Pangani, where he is accused of obtaining Sh5 million through false pretence and an unspecified amount in Parklands


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