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businessCity Hall Replaces Dilapidated Vehicles With Double Cabins

City Hall Replaces Dilapidated Vehicles With Double Cabins

According to City Hall, the new vehicles will be used to patrol and arrest those who break the law.

“We are slowly phasing out [the] old fleet and replacing [it]with [a] new fleet. Lazima iWork [It must work],” Nairobi City Council said in a Twitter post.

The city enforcement officers have long been affiliated with the ugly, poorly designed and uncomfortable cars.

The old- fashioned designed cars have white faded paint with the logo quite visible. The windows are guarded with old and rusted wire mesh.

Further, Sakaja launched mechanized street sweeper trucks. These trucks are equipped with garbage, dust collection bins and a cleaning system.

“It is one of the three (3) highly-quality road sweeper trucks that Governor Sakaja Jonhson has invested in, in order to bring order and dignity in the city. It is widely used [and is] mechanized,’ Nairobi City Council posted on Twitter.


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