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Life styleChildren Subjected To Indecent Act Rescued, Taken To Safe Place

Children Subjected To Indecent Act Rescued, Taken To Safe Place

Four pupils who were subjected into an Indecent Act have been rescued and taken into a safe place after a video of them being forced to do an Indecent act was posted in social media platforms.

The children were rescued by the police and the Children’s officers today afternoon and they were taken to Nyamache Children’s home for safety and protection.

Children’s department from Nyamache took the drastic measures to rescue the victims after the case attracted a huge public interest to protect the children’s mental health.

“The department is aware and it has taken drastic measures over this case,”Said a children’s officer.

Seven teachers were arrested yesterday evening and were taken to court for subjecting the children into an Indecent act which violets their rights.

The teachers were detained at Nyangusu police station as the court rules to release or detain them pending investigations.


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