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crimeBungoma elderly woman on the verge of getting justice after the court...

Bungoma elderly woman on the verge of getting justice after the court found her son guilty of colluding with fake cops, threatening to kill her

A Bungoma man  is now staring at a long jail term after the court guilty of threatening to kill his mother contrary to the penal code.

Anornold Oluoch was found guilty before Bungoma Senior Resident Magistrate Angelina Odawo after key witnesses testified in court .

He is accused that On November 30th 2022 he threatened to kill his elderly mother where she introduced her to strange phone calls .

” He came to my bedroom late at night and some people called me for several ndays introducing themselves as senior people from Vigilance house who were taking care of Oluoch interest, they threatened to kill me over property,” she told the court.

The court heard that the accused person could hold a kitchen knife and threatened his own mother.

In the same court he is facing another count resisting arrest contrary to the law.

He is currently out on bond and the case will be heard on march 1 and he is on defense


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