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trendings newsArati asks govt to reign in on lawless gangs in Kisii

Arati asks govt to reign in on lawless gangs in Kisii

Kisii Governor Simba Arati wants lawless bodaboda gangs operating across the County reigned in on by security agencies.

Arati further accused Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki of doing little to tame the gangs weeks since ten youths were injured in violent street chaos pitying two political factions.

Kisii, stated Arati, has already attracted huge businesses which can be affected if lawlessness reigns.

“We are known for industry and this is what has attracted several banks into our backyard, but all this can be frittered away if the government cannot take action to safeguard the environment and keep the peace our people had been enjoying,” said Arati.

The County boss spoke referring to skirmishes which broke out a fortnight ago when a bodaboda gang confronted a UDA prayer caravan.

Ten youth sustained injuries during the melee.

On Wednesday, Arati said such chaos were a recipe for anarchy which may scare aware investors.

He especially questioned the motivation delaying the arrests of the key suspects.

The marauding youth described as pro-Azimio were armed with pangas as they engaged the UDA procession youth.

Others used stones and smashed boda boda used by the UDA party supporters. .

Arati who met the bodaboda sector players and stage managers at Gusii Stadium told Kindiki to scale up surveillance and bring to book all marauding gangs sprouting in the County capital.

“If there are being protected by the government it should be made known so that we tell our people to protect themselves,” stated Arati.

Arati said victims of the skirmishes were still in hospital nursing injuries yet no single suspect has been arrested.

” I am telling Kindiki to take responsibility.Right now our traders are unable to do business, because the armed group of youths walks around town threatening peace-loving residents,” he told journalists.

Arati further accused former County Governor James Ongwae of sponsoring smear campaigns against his administration.

He asked the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate his conduct.

” It is this same shadow now sponsoring negative publicity in the press against me,the same person who looted the County coffers dry,” stated Arati.

Ongwae has since denied the charge and told Arati to take charge of his government.

Separately, Arati said his administration has opted to use Kenya Revenue Authority to collect revenue

The move, he said, will zeal loopholes and other revenue leakages.

He asked the residents to cooperate in paying tax to help in developing the region.


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