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investigativeAm innocent why disciplinary action,Gem Mp says

Am innocent why disciplinary action,Gem Mp says


Bondo MP Dr Gideon Ochanda on Monday said he had committed no offence to warrant any disciplinary action against him.

Speaking to the Star on phone, a defiant Ochanda said State House a public office and William Ruto was the country’s president.

” I don’t know what my mistake is. I should be told the mistake I committed for which I should answer for ,” he said.

The MP who represent opposition chief Raila Odinga’s rural constituency said he went to State house to seek services on behalf of his people.

He didn’t clarify which services he sought for or obtained as a result of the visit.

Asked about the resolve by Azimio leadership not to recognise the president as duly elected head of state, Ochanda said it is upto them.

” Mano wachgi. Gidhi adhiya mbele,” he said in dholuo.h

This translate to : ” That is upto them. Let them go a head,”

The MP who is serving his third term in parliament said he was being punished for ” having thrown a stone into a glass house ,

” Ne wabolo kidi e od glass,”. We threw a stone onto a glass house “.

Ochanda spoke moments after the ODM branch officials resolved to expell him from the party.

The meeting according to Ochanda was allegedly convened by Siaya senator Dr Oburu Oginga .

The senator is the branch chairman while Ochanda Is the secretary. The MP said he skipped the meeting because he wasn’t invited to attend.

” I could not go there because I was not invited,” he said .

He noted that any action against him must follow due process.

” I should be notified of the offence and be accorded a hearing so that I can defend myself,” he said.

Unknown goons hurled stones at Bondo the delegates during the meeting.

Ochanda was amongst 9 MPs from ODM who last week visited state house. They would later defend the meeting with the head of state saying it was a follow up meeting on development projects that Ruto promised to implement.

The controversial meeting saw Azimio leaders brand the MPs rebellious and called for stern actions against them for having gone against the position taken by the coalition.

While at attending the burial of the late former education CS Prof George Magoha in Gem on Saturday Odinga asked the rebel MPs to get out of the coalition.

He repeated the same sentiments while addressing impromptu rallies in Luanda- Vihiga county and Kisumu. Odinga was accompanied by a section of Azimio leaders including former president Uhuru Kenyatta.



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