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NEWSACK priests dumps Christianity, the bible for witchcraft

ACK priests dumps Christianity, the bible for witchcraft

He my good people, before I decided this I felt I was at a wrong place.

“My turning point came in 2020 when I felt I could explode while on the pulpit preaching. My conscience told me I was in the wrong place and that I needed to be in the right place,” he said.

He said the adulteration of gospel by priests in Kenya had aided him and like-minded traditionalists to influence people.

Ironically, he said the biggest challenge is from a section of Kikuyu elders who feel threatened by their entry into the strongholds.

  1. “Some think that we shall deny their kinship positions by spreading the gospel of Mwene Nyaga. But that is far from the truth; our god has different talents such as leadership, priesthood, wealth, among others,” said Kinyanjui.



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