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Badi may not make a good military boss over a court case, integrity question Ruto warned



The former Director General of Nairobi Metropolitan Service Maj-Gen Mohammed Badi is a man with an integrity question if the case filed against him at the environment court is something to go by.

In the case, the former NMS boss has been sued in his personal capacity alongside other officer from NEMA and NCA for being part of a group that allowed the constructions of controversial multimillion parklands building to go despite public outcry and court orders,

At some times , the developer filed some documents in court accusing Badi’s officer and others of soliciting for bribe, he later withdrew the case.

Some lawyers are now questing Badi’s integrity and calling on President Wiliam Ruto to be carefully ahead of the selection.

“How Can LT Gen Badi be a candidate in the race to suceeds the military boss when he is a one of the Respondents sued in his personal capacity for failure/refusal to implement Planning and Land Use laws when serving at NMS?” Asked a city lawyer.

The lawyer further claims that badi failure to do so has led to a serious environmental problem in Parklands and other areas that may suffer the same fate if any.

The houses in questions are being constructed on LR.NO209 /7549- in parklands along Taza lane but Badi has never taken a bold step to solve the matter despite court directions.

Residents are still calling for the government to act and correct the NMS, NCA and NEMA mess by bringing down the structures.

Recently their was sewage spillage that was moving freely as a results of the biological activities if the workers at the site

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Vincent Yegon , a village boy who became President William Ruto’ s lawyer



In his youthful life, lawyer Vincent Yegon has continued to change the life’s of both the poor and the rich, the able and the disabled.

” My vision as a lawyer has always been the desire to help my country men and  solve their problems, ” he said during an exclusive interview with this reporter.

We understand that the lawyer has been handling different cases throughout  the country and has represented both Kenyans and some foreigners.

Today he is among the top  lawyers representing President William Ruto in some arising matters

” I am glad to be President William Ruto’ s lawyer, this is as great achievement in my life,” he added .

He urged other lawyers in the country to be professional in there careers for effective delivery of services.

” As a lawyer, don’t be driven by money, let the passion and the desire to help be part of you, the society depends on you,” he adviced .

He has also handled and won serious  high profile cases in various courts across the country.

” I have been approached by both Kenyans and foreigners who have been seeking for sought my services in courts, the end product of the same has been good, acceptable and convincing,” he added.

Moreso, Yegon has helped in Pro-bono services where he has managed to help the poor

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Equity bank speeds up Climate change mitigation effort, embarks on tree planting



Equity bank , international Federation of Red Cross Dagoretti chapter and Kenya Girls Guides association are together putting in place several measures to help the state solve the problems associated with climate change.

Among the activities that the giant bank and it’s partners are doing include tree planting and public awareness on the matter

According to Peter Muthima, Equity bank branch manager in Kawangware Nairobi county for the country and the continent to avoid negative  climate change effects tree planting was necessary and it’s remains to be the most effective way .

” We are leading the efforts of planting as may trees as possible. We are doing this alongside our good partners and we believe that we shall help the state achieve it’s goals on climate change related issues,” said Muthima .

Muthima urged Kenyans to support all efforts in place by planting as many trees as possible.

According to the statistics, climate change is inevitable if forest encroachments and deforestation is not avoid.

Other things linked to climate devastation include emmision of chemicals among others.

Yesterday, Racheal Ruto the wife to President William Ruto led Kenyans in planting some trees in the famous Kakamega forest.

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Man charged with beating up a pregnant wife



A man has been accused of causing grievous harm to his pregnant wife.

Dan Simiyu allegedly stepped on his wife’s abdomen, squeezed her throat and beat her up.

He was charged before Kibera chief magistrate Ann Mwangi, where he denied the charges.

He is said to have attacked Junicai Simiyu, his wife, whom he found relaxing on a chair in their house.

The court heard that the accused person asked the complainant why she had slept with the other men but she told him that it was not possible because she was pregnant.

He allegedly assaulted her and told her to pack and go with further instructions of terminating the said pregnancy.

She declined to follow his instructions.

The complainant was rescued by some of her neighbours who heard her crying for help. She was the rushed to the hospital.

The accused person was however released on Sh20,000 cash bail and the court directed that the matter be mentioned on November 21.

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