Ruto is a good father who corrects, mentors young leaders for better society, Samuel Mundia reveals


Before funds allocation by the legislature, H.E William Ruto set a PG meeting in Naivasha to guide and share his 5year agenda with the Parliamentarians following the commitment he made to the people through Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto.

He stated that continuous legislative engagement should be a norm, not an exemption. In his speech, he sensitized in keeping his commitments – he had promised to appoint the six judges his predecessor declined to, and he did. By doing that, he showed a sign of confidence in allowing the judiciary to be independent.

He committed to creating financial independence in the Police Service Commission, which the treasury implemented on Thursday 15th, September 2022. The police have an independent budget and are expected to improve security in the country, scale up the fight against corruption, and should handle areas with insecurity concerns firmly.

Our president is an eloquent leader passionate about empowering and mentoring young leaders and matters of equality amongst leaders. He articulates plans on issues of; the Agricultural Sector, the Housing Plan, and the Universal Health Coverage Plan, where they will categorize factoring in salary indifference instead of having a fixed amount.

They set the meeting to help the legislature understand what they need to actualize to offer quality service in line with their commitment to the people of Kenya. Ruto is a mentor and a solid rock. I believe every leader and politician with this opportunity to work directly with him has much to learn from him. Our president is a man who speaks wisdom.

Where have you been, Dr. William Ruto, Kenya was in dire need of you, and we are lucky to have you now. Ruto’s government welcomes the opposition oversight role and hopes the opposition will be vibrant in keeping the government in check. He spoke of financial savings as a country. Having a saving culture will put Kenya on top of the map. I agree with him that savings give us resources for investment.


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