Oga Obinna Cries Foul Over Suspension Of His Social Media Accounts (Screenshot)


Comedian and Kiss FM’s presenter Oga Obinna is in distress after the indefinite suspension of his social media accounts.

The jester recently shared about the latter through his active Twitter account, where he cried foul citing that he was reported to be publishing false reports.

Social Media Woes

In his complaint, the funnyman divulged that his Facebook Fan page, Instagram and WhatsApp were the accounts affected sporadically.

“So apparently I’ve violated WhatsApp Terms & my account is suspended. Same thing happened to my IG & it has a shadow BAN. Was told that I publish false information 🤦‍♂️.
My FB fanpage pia ilienda tu hivyo.
Si atleast mtu huonyeshwa evidence💁‍♂️not “we believe you violated etc..”

He shared a screenshot of his WhatsApp account (blocked).

The complaints of Obinna comes a few days after his baby mama drama. And he was at the centre of it all. He made headlines in tandem with his baby mama, who doesn’t seem to move on. This might be one of the probable reasons for the closure of his accounts.


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