Azimio candidates were rigged out in favour of UDA – Raila


Azimio leader Raila Odinga now claims rigging in the August 9 general election did not just happen at the presidential level.

He says Azimio candidates were rigged out in favour of UDA candidates in the elections of the lower seats.

“At the presidential level, it is not possible to tell whether we had elections at all. But even at the lower level of polls, I believe that a number of our people were rigged out to pave way for a UDA majority and during election petition, this should have been proved to be the case,” Raila said.

He spoke on Friday during a meeting of Azimio leaders in Machakos.

The meeting was called for the Azimio camp to strategise on how to run its affairs in Parliament.

Raila said the IEBC has been captured and is laced with corruption, dysfunction and incompetence.

The ODM leader continued his scathing criticism of the Supreme Court judges saying they are full of attitude, thuggery, corruption and cynicism.

“The words that the Chief Justice used against us have never been used in our courts even in the dark days of single party rule and state capture of the Judiciary,” Raila said.

“The Chief Justice described our case presented by the country’s finest legal minds as no more than hot air, a wild goose chase, incredible and hearsay evidence.”

Raila said through experience, whenever judges resort to using nonjudicial language, it is because of a disturbed conscience and “evidence of a court that sold its soul.”

“We have been here before, we have come from a Judiciary that invested in threats and humiliation of litigants and advocates so that the country will not question them,” Raila said.

Following the court’s decision to uphold President William Ruto’s win on September 9, the ODM leader said he did not agree with the verdict but he respects it.

On Thursday while in Mombasa, Raila said he will wait for the court to deliver its full reasoned judgment to know exactly why they made the “despicable judgment.”


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