KMJA President Derrick Kuto welcomes Ruto’s order of appointing rejectedcourt of appeal judges, urges him to look into their pay

Kenya Magistrate and Judges Association secretary general Derrick Kuto during an Interview on Novembe 17,2021.PHOTO/ENOS TECHE

The Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) has welcomed the decision by President Ruto to appoint and swear in the six (6) Judges.

In his inaugural address to the Nation, President Ruto acknowledged the splendid job undertaken by the Judiciary and Judges.

The President further pledged to have three billion Kenya shillings added to the Judiciary budget in a move seen to afford the Judiciary the much needed financial autonomy.

“The appointment of the six Judges is a massive step in promoting the Institutional Independence of the Judiciary and JSC,” Said the President of KMJA.

Hon Kuto added,” Pledging to increase the Judiciary budget is great. The Judiciary has in the past suffered unwarranted budget cuts whose net effect has been to impede service delivery to innocent Kenyans.”

Hon Kuto recalled sometimes last year when the Association issued a statement condemning the failure by President Uhuru to appoint all Judges nominated by the JSC. The Association has previously raised alarm after the Judiciary budget was drastically reduced.

Mr. KUTO noted that the President had began on a positive note and insisted that only building on the same would make Judiciary truly independent.

He also hoped that the President will also intervene to have salaries and allowances of its members looked at. He argued that SRC has never reviewed their salaries since its establishment under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010. This, he says, has demoralized Judges and Magistrates.


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