How high court Advocate Moses Munoko became the daliance of many including the media


Moses  Munoko, an advocate of the highcourt has fought all the odds to become the best advocate in the city who is loved by many including members of the fourth estate.

“He is God fearing, trustworthy and a genuine advocate, in most cases he is frank in anything he does, its difficult for him to take over a case that he knows very well can easily be solved out of court, he is also a good arbitrator,” said Kevin Kabuya, a former Ebru TV journalist.

Today Munoko , former NASA advisor  writes colunms with the Dailynation and communication experts says that he is heading for  alot of success.

“He posses leadership skills, he is heading for a big sucessss,” said Nancy Wesonga, a communications expert working with the ministry in information  technology.

Munoko’s office is well situated at the second floor of Norwich House opposite the famous Hilton Hotel.

Efforts to get Munoko on phone was not successful  but our team are still arranging  an interview with him.


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