How cancer expert Catherine Nyongesa focus has reduced cancer deaths in Kenya


After working hard  and performing well at Misikhu Girls Secondary School, the famous cancer expert in Kenya Catherine Nyongesa was admitted  at the University of Nairobi where she took a medicine course.

“I  graduated in 1995 and worked in several hospitals until 2002 when i left the Country for further studies,” she says.

Newsnetkenya health reporter Albert Masinde was able to learn that she later went to  South Africa, where she pursued a masters in Oncology from the University of Witwatersrand and graduated in 2006. She is the first and the only known oncologist in the Country.

“Nyongesa is the only genuine cancer experts in the country that has the heart of helping majority of patients,” said Bonface Majere, an advocate of the high Court.

Nyongesa says that she  wanted to be a cancer specialist in order to play a part in making a difference in as many cancer patients as possible,” she said.

Today the Texas cancer centre, a powerful centre she formed is a game changer in relations to cancer treatment.

Recently while speaking to the Star she advised Kenyans on the importance of early diagnosis and urged the state to put in place more measures of dealing with the disease.

“Being an expert, she new that KNH alot would not fix the cancer problem, she went ahead and identified the gap and tried to reduce it by using her resources to construct  the famous texas cancer centre, she is our hero, said  the President of Independent candidates Dr.Steven Owoko.


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