Ushahidi Partners with Council of Persons with Disabilities to Raise Kenyans’ Concerns during Elections


The National Council of Persons with Disability Kenya (NCPDK) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ushahidi, a Nairobi-based tech company that empowers people to raise their voices and equip organizations with the tools they need to listen and respond better to their audiences.

The Uchaguzi initiative seeks the votes of the PWDs by sharing real-time information around the elections and escalating it for response and action. Speaking to Journalists on Friday 5 August 2022, the NCPDK Executive Director, Harun M. Hassan said the initiative is implemented through a broad network of civil society around Uchaguzi as the national citizen-centric electoral observation platform that responds to citizen observations.
“Uchaguzi is coordinated through which enables citizens to report, with any technology available to them, any incidents significant to the election. The information is thereafter forwarded to relevant authorities such as the police, civil societies organizations, and the IEBC for further action,” he stated.
Ushahidi’s Executive Director, Angela Oduor Lungati welcomed the collaboration with the NCPDK as they continue to mobilize Kenyans in protecting their vote in this election.
“We are encouraging Kenyans irrespective of their gender, ethnic groups, religion, and those abled differently to share their concerns on the elections through our Uchaguzi 2022 communication channels: toll-free USSD*603# and toll-free SMS number 23102. Through Uchaguzi 2022, we hope to keep Kenya’s foundation solid and resilient by amplifying citizen voices,” she said.


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