Political leaders, church elders endorse Bishop Patrick Kimeli for Moisbridge ward MCA seat


Moisbridge renowned Bishop Patrick Kimeli has received a huge political boost after a section of church elders, youths and politicians endorsed him as the next area Member of county assembly.

They jointly agreed that Kimeli has done a tremendous job to fix the insecurity issues in the area among other things.

In 2021, Moisbridge area saw alot of child kidnappings and killings and Kimeli came out strongly and condemned the incidences.

By then he called on the National government to act with speed to address the matter which it did.

It’s because of this that , the elders from several churches, youths and politicians have decided to throw their weight behind Kimeli.

” He has done alot of work in advocating for security in our area, no one else spoke on it when our children were being massacred,” said Joseph Boit.

Another residents , Jeremiah Njuguna said that Kimeli has always availed himself in social functions including weddings , funerals and Harambees where he had helped the residents.

They vowed to Elect him to the county assembly.


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