Bishop Patrick Kimeli will win Moisbridge ward MCA seat- Survey


In  less than 20 days to the general elections, Moisbrige ward is yearning for change as a section of residents vowed to Elect Bishop Patrick Kimeli as the area MCA.

According to Mizani polls that was conducted between July 10 and July 20, Kimeli is the most preferred candidate followed by the incumbent Phyllip Melly with the gap  likely increase  in the coming days.

The survey was conducted among 2500 respondents and majority of them believe Kimeli will root out tribalism and enhance equality.

To those who spoke to our team, Kimeli despite being out of office has been advocating for enhancement of security, overseeing burial Harambees, helping the needy among other basic things.

To those who rooted for Phyllip believes that when given the second chance, he may try to work given that he has not done much in the last five years due to some hurdles.

Tribal balance is key in the ward as it is the most Metropolitan area in Uasingishu.

A section of Bwayi residents, and Duka moja and parts of Swam areas says the incumbent failed to fulfill what he promised.

They say Kimeli transversed their areas and helped them in his capacity.
” No one can attest to have attained bursary from our areas, the past regimes tried that the outgoing one, we were completely neglected and even our road has been repaired only once in five years, we believe change is inevitable,” one of the respondent said as captured by our team


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