Dr.Catherine Nyongesa, a jovial woman with cancer patients heart at hand


Dr.Catherine Nyongesa has played a critical role in Kenya on the war against Cancer.

“The government needs to put in place some mechanism of dealing with this readily disease,” he said in a previous event.

According to Lawyer Abraham Atinda, Nyongesa is among the few heroes around that needs to be capitalized on.

“She is our own, we just need to use her skills to the fullest, we have few experts in the field of cancer,” he said.

He said that the Dr. had a clean record on his advocacy towards the disease.

” What she always thinks about is how to mitigate cancer, how to get the solution to this readily disease, she is an epitome of success,” he added.

Our team has learnt that Nyongesa has been doing what she can in relations to defeating the disease.

In a previous events with the press, she talked about various cause of the disease and measures the state can take to control or reduce the number of deaths that results from the same disease.

” Cancer is caused by lifestyle, some foods are the main cause of the disease,” she said.

More to follow….


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