Kenyans Urged to Embrace Peace in a Meeting by Elderly in Nakuru


By Shadrack Nyakoe

The vibrant human rights champion Philosopher Dr. Odhiambo Swa Makaduol held a consultative meeting with indigenous communities in Nakuru County today hold a consultative meeting in preparedness to hold a peaceful general election where the indigenous communities’ agenda are addressed by the political class for political inclusion to drive peace, tolerance, cohesion, unity and non-violence elections to be expected and experienced in Kenya in this year’s general election.

Kenya is prone to post-election violence because different communities are not tolerant of their neighbors during political campaigns they forget that election comes and passes but life is precious based on human principles.

Speaking during the meeting he said, “I want all Kenyans to embrace peace, tolerance and love without border to lead us to our future as one family in humanity. Every man is responsible to one another, don’t think you are a King of your own on this earth. We need each other more than one needs oneself. The people adoring the lifestyle of the elderly and disabled people are the people who love nature for lovely cohabitation and from that point let us spread the news of love your neighbor as you love yourself. Nobody is superior or special than any other but equal on basic needs of nature.”

He said that Kenya will be a landmark for tolerance and love without borders when they accept to live in their homes in peace, tolerance and free from threats or wars and that wars are instruments used by satanic forces to steal from us Gold of our life.

It is the crucial duty of elderly persons in society to educate and empower youths and women with basic information about living in peace, tolerance, harmony, love, and humanity.

That is the most technically challenging understanding that the people of Kenya and the world today ought to have known and hence we are failing the world to get into this level as the general manager of the sphere of planet earth.

Philosopher Dr. Odhiambo Swa Makaduol is a springboard of true nature, universal forces, a breath of pure education, philanthropy, humanity, Socrates, tolerance, and humanitarianism in Kenya and Africa.

He is the burning spear of human rights, equality, social justice, climate change, sustainable development, and humility in growing a positive responsible society. Without love for each other is no responsibility for us. We must be able to carry the concerns of our neighbors on our shoulders free from any pressure.

Such kind of life the elderly are best to explore with the younger generations in the society as it used to be in ancient times.

“That is why you see me exploring all means to talk to any class of people in Kenya about how to live a life of tolerance and why it is important to lead a tolerance life because that is when even development you can easily achieve in your life from any background in life. Let people not fear and live in fear. Stop leading to living in fear wherever you are and whatever you plan to do or talk about to somebody else. Fear is the beginning of doing bad things in your life. Fear Is a sign of being a violent and not responsible person. Fear is a clear indicator of troublemaking to people around you in any manner,” said Dr. Odhiambo.

“That is why I always say to people that if old people would choose to live in fear in the society then the future of such a society is in a complete mess. These are very powerful knowledge we should be able to share so widely to salvage the future of tolerance, respect, cohabitation, inclusion, honesty, fairness, accommodative, obligations, duty care, and non-violence. My concept is always clear to my people in Kenya and the world at large,” he further noted

He said he was inspired by international personalities to be what he is including Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Mandajeet Singh, Kwameh Nukrumah, and Thomas Joseph Odhiambo Mboya among others.



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