Constitution Reformist Makaduol Swa Enlighten Kenyans on the Importance of Democracy


The vocal constitution reformist Dr. Odhiambo Makaduol Swa has told Kenyans to vote new constitution to achieve democracy.

Speaking during a rally in Nakuru under the theme of  “A Democrat African Freedom Fighter for Liberation, Peace, Tolerance and Non-violence Kenya” he said making the New Constitution of Kenya is vital to give Kenyans a complete liberation and freedom of speech, information, communication and movement.

“Inclusion in national leadership, employments, societal norms, issues and values which he claimed are vital to peace, tolerance, cohesion, unity, love and universal understanding welfare in every Society Worldwide. The country needs changes in the facets of governance,” he stated.

Philosopher Dr. Odhiambo Swa Makaduol was irked with the way the government of Kenya is applying a divide and rule system to disintegrate the over 42 tribes in Kenya for them to remain in power to continue dictatorship, suppressing multiparty democracy and opening trade relations among Kenyans and the international.

He stated that poverty alleviation is always a very important mechanism for zero domestic violence which calls for real tolerance.


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